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V. Patel 1 Vishal Patel Expository Writing I Jason Gulya March 24, 2011 An Alternate Reality Daydreams are a common misconception of reality, one leaves reality in order to explore the depths of their own mind. This idea is not only portrayed, but also observed by Martha Stout in “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday,” which is an essay based on observations made by Martha Stout. The essay forms a basis around two people, Julia and Seth, in which they both seem to be a part of their own reality. The idea can also relate to Malcolm Gladwell in his essay “The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz and The Rise and Fall of New York City Crime,” which explains the idea in which an individual is mainly influenced by social and environmental surroundings. Ideas made in both essays bring forth the conclusion that depending on the definition of context, that no matter where you are, whether it be reality or not, an individual’s behavior is still influenced by their surroundings. In order to truly understand one’s reactions towards certain events, one would need to understand how the brain works: “The amygdala receives sensory information from the five senses, via the thalamus, attaches emotional significance to the input, and then passes along this emotional ‘evaluation’ to the hippocampus. In accordance with the amygdala’s ‘evaluation’ of importance, the hippocampus is activated to a greater or less degree, and functions to organize the new input, and to integrate it with already existing information about similar sensory events” (Stout 656). Stout’s primary purpose of explaining the workings of the brain is to show that when an event is
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Essay 4 - V Patel 1 Vishal Patel Expository Writing I Jason...

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