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Monkey See Monkey Do - V Patel 1 Vishal Patel Rough Draft...

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V. Patel 1 Vishal Patel Rough Draft Expository Writing I Jason Gulya Monkey See, Monkey Do The influence of the relationship between an individual and his or her society is so profound that it affects one’s behavior. “On Becoming an Arab,” by Leila Ahmed, “Into the Wild,” by Jon Krakauer, and “The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime,” by Malcolm Gladwell all show that there is a relationship between an individual and society. On a basis of personal experiences and internal motives as well as the environment, every individual reacts to the society in their own way, but in the end is always the same outcome. Leila Ahmed herself was the main character in her essay and she talks about how she misunderstood the idea of being an Arab. Her teacher was the first to bring her into the new perspective, her teacher claimed that “[She is] an Arab” (Ahmed 27). Ahmed had always believed she was Egyptian due to the fact of her upbringing; her parents and family are the ones who gave her the perspective of what it meant to be Egyptian. Due to her past, she reacted to her teacher and argued the fact that she was not an Arab. Society had influenced her teacher to react the way she did because “What [she] was doing to [Leila] in class, the government was doing to us through the media” (Ahmed 26). Leila’s misunderstanding of the whole concept had influenced her to actually revisit history in a different perspective. First she questioned the ideals of being Egyptian taught to her by family, which evolved into her search for documentation of the information. “My sole object here is only to see things, as clearly and exactly as I know how, for what they are. And to free myself of lies” (Ahmed 35). Society had made her believe that she did not know the full truth about anything anymore, which made her unsure of what to believe.
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V. Patel 2 She states, “If I didn’t live where I live,… if I were still living in Egypt, I probably wouldn’t feel that it was so absolutely necessary to extricate myself from the enmeshment of lies”(Ahmed 35). She believes that if she was in Egypt’s society, she would not question the facts she was told.
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Monkey See Monkey Do - V Patel 1 Vishal Patel Rough Draft...

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