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Unformatted text preview: Jason Gulya Expository Writing 4 November 2010 How Do I Move Up the Grading Rubric? With two papers left, now is the time when most students see an improvement in their grades, precisely because they are becoming more worried about their progress throughout the semester. So most students are interested in moving their papers up from NPs to Cs, from Cs to Bs, and so on. Here are some tips on how to move up the grading rubric. Though there is no formula for essay writing, making sure you have done each of these in your papers is a great way to improve your writing: 1. Do I position my argument with respect to the assigned texts? That is to say, do I give adequate information about what Gladwell and Stout seem to be arguing, as a way of setting the stage for what I plan to argue? 2. Does my thesis fit in one of the following categories: a. Similarity/Difference: X's essay and Y's essay both bring up the notion of context. b. Compare/Contrast: Though X's essay and Y's essay both bring up the notion of context, unlike X, Y b....
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