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Jason Gulya Expository Writing Some Keys to Excelling in Expository Writing: 1. Abandon the 5-paragraph format -The sooner you move away from the 5-paragraph essay and towards what can be called the “developmental” essay, the better. Once you have moved beyond the delimiting influence of the standard high school format, you will find yourself increasingly able to support complicated theses. Essentially, the problem with the 5-paragraph essay is this: it leaves you exactly where you left off, and does not allow for developments in the argument. By “developments,” I simply mean moments where the thesis is complicated instead of restated. To write a “developmental essay” is to compose a paper around the complications of an individual thesis. As such, a developmental essay always moves forward, though this does not mean that a writer should abandon moments of pause, where he recaps what he has just stated in order to allow for further discussion. 2.
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