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Physics 123 – Minilab 9 CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM Introduction The linear momentum of an object is   p m v where m is the object’s mass and v is its velocity. The law of conservation of linear momentum states that the total momentum of a system of interacting bodies remains constant if the net external force is zero: Σ p   =   Σ  ( m v )  =  constant  if  Σ   F   = 0. We will briefly consider momentum conservation for a single cart on an air track. Then we will consider momentum conservation (and kinetic energy conservation) when two carts collide. Procedure You have two carts whose masses are noted on the top. The carts have a Velcro pad on one end that will be useful for the study of collisions. If you choose minilab 9 from the 123 course folder, you will be able to record the motion of two carts. Note that there are motion sensors at both ends of the air track and no end guards . Be very careful that the carts do not hit the motion sensors. You will have to decide in the following what equations you are trying to test and what data
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123_lab9_inelas_revised - Physics 123 Minilab 9...

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