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Physics 123 – Minilab 10 ELASTIC COLLISIONS Introduction Last time we investigated collisions of carts with Velcro pads that made the carts stick together when they collided, so the collisions were inelastic . Some mechanical energy was transferred to internal energy of the colliding carts or transferred to sound energy. The other ends of the carts have magnets attached, so the carts repel each other when they come close together. Even though they don’t actually touch each other, this is a collision in the physics sense, and it is such collisions that we will investigate this week. Both momentum and kinetic energy are at least approximately conserved, so the collision is elastic . (There may still be slight energy and momentum losses due to friction, but it is not friction that determines whether the collision is elastic or inelastic. The effects of friction in this experiment should be comparable to the effects of friction in the inelastic collision experiment.)
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Unformatted text preview: First study the elastic collision of equal mass carts with one cart initially at rest. You should use the same LoggerPro program as last time (Exp. 9). Neatly record the raw data on all quantities that you need, viz., the masses of the carts and the velocities of both carts just before and just after the collision. (The recorded values of the velocities should be approximate averages of the fluctuating readings from the motion sensor.) Then calculate momenta and kinetic energies. Write down the expected conservation laws for momentum and kinetic energy. Conclude how well your carts satisify these equations. Then repeat the experiment with one or two 0.5 kg bars on the cart initially at rest. Physics 123 – Minilab 10 Names: _______________________ _______________________ Part 1. Equal mass carts. Data (with units!!!) Calculations Conclusions Part 2. Unequal mass carts Data (with units!!!) Calculations Conclusions Physics 123 – Minilab 10...
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