Characteristics of Lifestyle

Characteristics of Lifestyle - Characteristics of Lifestyle...

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Feldman and Theilbar describe lifestyle by the following characteristics: 1 Lifestyle is a group phenomenon A person's lifestyle bears the influence of his/her participation in social groups and of his/her relationships with others. Two clerks in the same office may exhibit different lifestyles. 2 Lifestyle pervades various aspects of life An individual's lifestyle may result in certain consistency of behavior . Knowing a person's conduct in one aspect of life may enable us to predict how he/she may behave in other areas. 3 Lifestyle implies a central life interest For every individual there are many central life interests like family, work, leisure, sexual exploits, religion, politics etc. that may fashion his interaction with the environment. 4 Lifestyles vary according to sociologically relevant variables The rate of social change in a society has a great deal to do with variations in lifestyles. So do age, sex, religion, ethnicity and social class. The increase in the number of double income families and that of working women have resulted in completely different lifestyles in the 1980s in India. AIO Inventories –Activities, Interests and Opinions AIO studies envisage a wide variety of variables and measures the major dimensions shown below : Activities Interests Opinions Demographics Work Family Themselve s Age Hobbies Home Social Education Social events Job Politics Income Vacation Community Business Occupation Entertainment Recreation Economics Family size Club member Fashion Education Geography Community Food Products City size Shopping Media Future Lifecycle Sports Achievements Culture Dwelling Source : Joseph T. Plummer--The Concept and Application of Lifestyle Dimensions, Journal of Marketing. 1
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Characteristics of Lifestyle - Characteristics of Lifestyle...

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