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Country Ranking from Project Globe

Country Ranking from Project Globe - Country Ranking from...

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Country Ranking from Project Globe Power Distance Lowest Power Distance Medium Power Distance Highest Power Distance Denmark—3.89 England—5.15 Russia—5.52 Netherlands—4.11 France—5.28 Spain—5.52 South Africa –4.11 (Black Sample) Brazil—5.33 Thailand—5.63 Isreal—4.73 Italy—5.43 Argentina—5.64 Costa Rica—4.74 Portugal—5.44 Morocco—5.80 The degree to which members of a collective expect power to be distributed equally. Uncertainty Avoidance (UA) Lowest UA Medium UA Highest UA Russia—2.88 Israel—4.01 Austria—5.16 Hungary—3.12 U.S.—4.15 Denmark—5.22 Bolivia—3.35 Mexico—4.18 Germany—5.22 (former West) Greece—3.39 Kuwait—4.21 Sweden—5.32 Venezuela—3.44 Ireland—4.30 Switzerland—5.37 The extent to which a society, organization, or group relies on social norms, rules and procedures to alleviate unpredictability of future events. Humane Orientation (HO) Least HO Medium HO Most HO Germany –3.18 (Former West) Hong Kong—3.90 Indonesia—4.69 Spain—3.32 Sweden—4.10 Egypt—4.73 France—3.40 Taiwan—4.11 Malaysia—4.87 Singapore—3.49 U.S.—4.17 Ireland—4.96 Brazil—3.66 New Zealand—4.32 Philippines—5.12 The degree to which a collective encourages & rewards individuals for being fair, altruistic, generous, caring and kind to others. Individualism/ Collectivism Most Individualistic Medium Individualistic Most Collectivistic Greece—3.25 Hong Kong—4.13 Denmark—4.80 Hungary—3.53 U.S.—4.20 Singapore—4.90 Germany—3.56 (former East) Egypt—4.50 Japan—5.19 Argentina—3.66 Poland—4.53 South Korea—5.20 Italy—3.68 Indonesia—4.54 Sweden—5.22 The degree to which individuals are integrated into groups within the society. 1
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In Group Collectivism Least Family Collective Medium Family Collective Most Family Collective Denmark—3.53 Japan—4.63 Egypt—5.64 Sweden—3.66 Israel—4.70 China—5.80 New Zealand—3.67 Qatar—4.71 Morocco—5.87 Netherlands—3.70 Austria—4.85 India—5.92 Finland—4.07 Italy—4.94 Iran—6.03 The degree to which individuals have strong ties to their small immediate groups Assertiveness Least Assertive Medium Assertive Most Assertive Albania—3.20 Egypt—3.91 Spain—4.42 Hungary—3.23 Ireland—3.92 U.S.—4.55 Sweden—3.38 Philippines—4.01 Greece—4.58 New Zealand—3.42 Ecuador—4.09 Austria—4.62 Switzerland—3.47 France—4.13 Germany—4.73 (former East) The degree to which individuals are assertive, dominant & demanding in their relationships with others. Gender Differentiation (GD) Most GD Medium GD Least GD South Korea—2.50 Italy—3.24 Sweden—3.84 Egypt—2.81 Brazil—3.31 Denmark—3.93 Morocco—2.84 Argentina—3.49 Slovenia—3.96 India—2.90 Netherlands—3.50 Poland—4.02 China—3.05 Venezuela—3.62 Hungary—4.08 The degree to which a collective minimizes gender inequality. Future Orientation (FO) Least FO Medium FO Most FO Russia—2.88 Slovenia—3.59 Denmark—4.44 Argentina—3.08 Egypt—3.86 Canada—4.44 (English speaking) Poland—3.11 Ireland—3.98 Netherlands—4.61 Italy—3.25 Australia—4.09 Switzerland—4.73 Kuwait—3.26 India—4.19 Singapore—5.07 The extent to which a collective encourages & rewards future-oriented behaviors such as delaying gratification, planning & investing in the future.
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