Case 15 - Kyle Gring Max Bielby MKT 357 Case 15 Hutch...

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Kyle Gring Max Bielby 10/19/2010 MKT 357 Case 15 Hutch: Locating a New Store 1. How do people living in the trade areas compare with Hutch’s target customer? Hutch’s target market is described as women between the ages of 18 and 40 years old who are in the lower-to-middle income range. These types of women usually end up being blue collar women who are looking for some higher end fashion but without the hefty price tag. With the two proposed trade areas there are similarities between what Hutch’s store is looking for and what the customers in the area have to offer. The first proposed location is Dalton where there is a very high influx of middle class workers. With the carpet mills being the town’s main source of income it will satisfy the want for incomes of the customers between the lower-to-middle income brackets. Dalton will also satisfy Hutch’s trade area request of a population between 50,000 to 150,000 because they are sitting at 87,293 residents right now. Hutch’s also stated that they are not looking to cater to any specific ethnic group, but only to women who like to wear the latest fashions. Here in Dalton they however will be slightly catering to one ethnic group because Whites are the vast majority here populating up to 92% of the 50.8% of women.
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Case 15 - Kyle Gring Max Bielby MKT 357 Case 15 Hutch...

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