Reading Response 2 Kyle Gring

Reading Response 2 Kyle Gring - his castle immediately. He...

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Kyle Gring PHI 102-18 Word Count: 307 Reading Response 2 Within the text of Steven Cahn’s, “The Happy Immoralist,” he makes the claim that happiness can arise from achieving fame, wealth, and a reputation for probity as long as there is not any reprimand. I believe that Cahn is incorrect by saying that happiness from attaining goals can be achieved while escaping punishment in the midst of conscience dishonesty. True happiness will be ruined when a person is knowingly dishonest and has the discerning thought that punishment is possible. True happiness is not attainable whether it is temporary or over a lifetime when doubts of losing it all are always on one’s mind. For example, if a man wanted to build a castle he has a lot of different building materials to choose from. He can chose from gold, bricks, or cards; gold is the most expensive, bricks require the most effort, and cards provide the quickest means of achievement. The man chooses cards because he wants
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Unformatted text preview: his castle immediately. He ignores the other building options because he believes that his castle will stand even though he is aware that the other choices are much better. Although there is a possibility that the man will feel slight happiness that his castle has been built quickly, the daunting thought that his castle might fall will taint his happiness proving that true happiness cannot be found when the means to achievement have not been honest or solid. In the example previously stated, the man did not achieve true happiness because he was always aware of the fact that his castle may fall due to his lack of building it properly. Achieving wealth, fame, and reputation can bring happiness however, if one chooses to acquire these things dishonestly, one will always be like the man with the castle of cards and his happiness will not be true. Kyle Gring PHI 102-18 Word Count: 307...
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Reading Response 2 Kyle Gring - his castle immediately. He...

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