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Dissent in America Response Paper One So far in class, we have read a number of texts that marked the beginnings of dissension in American life. Native Americans protesting treatment by colonial settlers and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s fictitious rendering of religious conflict in the new colonies, show that the seeds of American dissent- both political and religious- have been with America since its inception. For this paper, I’d like you to choose one text we’ve read and analyze the argument being put forth. As with all essays, this should have a thesis, backed by textual evidence and a conclusion. In your essay, I want you to not only answer the following (in no particular order): 1) What is/ are the author(s) dissenting from? 2) What is the historical context of the piece? 3) How does the author(s) make their argument, i.e. what form does the dissent take? 4) How well does the author(s) make their case? 5) What, if any, connections can be made to America today?
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Unformatted text preview: But also consider the effectiveness of the argument. i.e. who is the intended audience, is the case made persuasive, what other factors (religious, political, social) might effect the argument? Ultimately, I’d like you to come up with a judgment on the piece, does it work? Why or why not? Your essay should be 3-4 pgs long, double-spaced in MLA format (in text citations) and in 12 point font. It should have both a cover page with an appropriate title and a works cited page. You should be as specific as possible when discussing the texts and remember if you quote or paraphrase, you must cite the work (if you’re unsure how to cite in MLA format, consult a style guide or just ask). Your papers should be stapled and checked for spelling, typos, etc. Please ask or email me if you have any questions. The essay is due at the beginning of class....
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