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Dissent in America: Response Paper 3 In the last few weeks we’ve moved from reading texts that represented dissent from political establishments to ones that began to address cultural and social mores (particularly those of race and the war in Vietnam) For your second response paper (4-5 pgs.) I’d like you to examine one or two texts and discuss the following: 1) What is/ are the author(s) dissenting from? 2) What is the historical context of the piece? 3) How does the author(s) make their argument, i.e. what form does the dissent take? 4) How well does the author(s) make their case?
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Unformatted text preview: 5) What, if any, connections can be made to America today? For each piece you examine, make sure that you give some historical context to the piece and remember that both your thesis and evidence should be as specific as possible. If you choose to compare or contrast two texts, make sure they address the same issue (i.e. race, gender, class) and that you make the relationship between the two clear., The paper is due on October 21 st and make sure you look over your first essay to ensure you don’t make the same grammatical errors you did the first time around....
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