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Essay_Checklist - 7 There are no typos or misspellings –...

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Essay Checklist 1) Your essay has a clear, concise thesis that you can locate in one or two sentences. 2) Avoid the first person “I” voice (I, you, me, we, our, etc.) 3) Tenses are in present tense when discussing action in the text (i.e. “J.A.K Gladney shoot s Willie Mink”, “W.E.B. DuBois writes in The Souls of Black Folk . . .” 4) Quotes and paraphrases are cited appropriately in MLA format i.e. in-text citations (Delillo 67). And the woks cited page is a separate page, is in alphabetical order by the author’s last name and is in the following form: Delillo, Don. White Noise . New York: Penguin, 1985. 5) Your transitions are appropriate from idea to idea and paragraph to paragraph. 6) Numbers below 101 are spelled out, except for page numbers in your citations.
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Unformatted text preview: 7) There are no typos or misspellings – check your spell check 8) Your essay is focused and your discussion proves your thesis (i.e. avoid irrelevant tangents) 9) Avoid plot summary 10) Your conclusion does more than simply reiterate your thesis, it is a chance to expand your discussion into the speculative and general. 11) Your cover page has an appropriate title and your paper is stapled. 12) You’ve read it out loud to check for awkward phrasing or run-on sentences. 13) You are using quotes appropriately and don’t let them speak for themselves. Quotes are followed by an explanation of the quote, how it helps the point you are trying to make, etc....
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