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For your final research paper, you will be required to write a 7-10 page essay on one of the following dissenting groups or movements: M.O.V.E The Black Panther Party The Transcendentalist Movement Rural Militias The KKK The Weather Underground Public Enemy and political rap A third political party (Green, Libertarian, etc.) Abolitionism Feminism Gay/ Lesbian rights Neo-Nazis Environmental movements PETA Civil Rights American Indian Movement The Wobblies The Beats Political Assassinations Religious Dissenters Your well-researched essay will do the following:
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Unformatted text preview: 1) provide a history of the subject/group 2) Identify the cultural/historical context of the group 3) Summarize what the group’s philosophy is/was 4) Make an argument as to the group/movement’s importance-historical significance, etc. Your essay should be typed in 12 point font in MLA format with a works cited page and a cover page with an appropriate title. It is due by the last day of class. If you wish to write on another topic not listed, please clear it with me first....
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