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The Environment - 1. Where is the report found? This...

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The Environment 0845 Sec. 018 Prof. Mark Johnson 2/7/11 Article Assignment The environmental article I chose was titled “Office of Sustainability takes cues from Mayor Nutter’s city plan. This article, which was found in the Temple News, focuses primarily on the environment of Philadelphia and, more specifically, Temple University. It briefly summarizes Mayor Nutter’s plan to “make Philadelphia the greenest city in the U.S.” and talks about how Temple is starting to copy these ideas for its own campus. In order to do this, Temple created the Office of Sustainability. This office is making it its priority to ensure that Temple becomes a completely green campus. One of these initiatives includes their Sustainability Pledge- an effort to try and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Temple 30% by the year 2030. While this article did not address any particular environmental studies, I think that it is extremely important to know about how the university is interacting with the environment.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Where is the report found? This particular news article was found in the popular school newspaper, The Temple News. 2. What is the report based on? The report is mostly based upon the stories of others. It is also based heavily on the amount of 3. Does the report identify sources? The main source that is identified in this article is the President of the Univeristy, Ann Weaver Hart. 4. Are the methods employed adequate? 5. Do others in the scientific community support or refute? 6. Does the evidence seem substantial? 7. Do the claims follow logic or seem reasonable? 8. Do you detect any bias? I do detect a slight bias in this article. The author seems to be very interested in the environmental issues on campus. This, however, is probably attributable to the fact that the author is also a Temple student. 9. Who sponsored the research? Although there was no formal research, the creation of this office is sponsored (obviously) by Temple University....
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The Environment - 1. Where is the report found? This...

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