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I talian 2001 Spring 2010 Week 4: February 8 - 12 Day I. in class p. 35: ex 11 ( correct) pp. 43,44: Go over reading, “A che servono i giornali?” p. 45: ex 1a, 1b ( assigned for homework last week) hw Textbook ________________________________________________________________________ Day II. in class Warm up p. 38: ex. 14a p. 39: ex. 15 hw Textbook: Study for Test 1 ________________________________________________________________ Day III. in class Test 1 hw
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Unformatted text preview: Study Hypothetical: pp. 60, 61 • p. 62: ex. 3 ________________________________________________________________ Composition #2 Write a composition of no fewer than 250 words following the instructions for exercise 20, on page 75 of your textbook ( “attività scritta”) Be sure to:- Type, Double Space.- Include word count.- Give your refrigerator a name you think it would like, and use that as the composition’s title. 1...
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