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5Programma di Lavoro2010a - Day III. in class Round 2 hw TBA

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I talian 2001 Spring 2010 Week 5: February 15 – 19 Day I. in class go over hw: p. 62: ex. 3 p. 62: ex. 4 p. 64: ex. 6 p. 67. ex. 9 hw Textbook p. 71: ex. 16 p. 72: ex. 17 ________________________________________________________________________ Day II. in class Warm up p. 68: ex. 11, a, b, c p. 68: ex. 12 p. 72: ex. 18 Composition 3 Assigned hw ( FOR MONDAY, Oct. 5) Textbook: pp. 77, 78: read “Se… se. . se…” p. 79: ex. B ________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Day III. in class Round 2 hw TBA ________________________________________________________________ Composition 3: Write a composition of at least 200 words in which you describe your favorite person in the world. Why do you like this person so much? Is he or she a model for your own behaviour? Remember to: type and double-space your composition include word count include your name and assignment title...
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