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phone 215-204-7039 email web Dr. Eric M. Eisenstein 527 Alter Hall Philadelphia, PA 19122 Page 1 of 10 H ONORS M ARKETING M ANAGEMENT (M ARKETING 2904) S PRING 2011 Professor: Dr. Eric M. Eisenstein Office 527 Alter Hall, Temple Main Campus Phone 215-204-7039 Email Office Hours: Thursday 1:00-2:00 pm and by appointment If you want to set an appointment for another time, please email me. Calendar online: Or Course files location: Temple Blackboard Required Readings: Electronic Course Packet. Some files are available on Blackboard. Other files are available on Harvard Business School’s website. The URL for the Harvard cases will be posted on Blackboard. Optional Text: Kotler, Philip, and Kevin Lane Keller, A Framework for Marketing Management, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 2007. Note, the 4 th edition is the current version, but you can find the nearly identical 3 rd edition online for under $10. You must order either book online if you want a copy. Note: Those pursuing a career in marketing may want to purchase the full Kotler and Keller text (Kotler & Keller, Marketing Management ) rather than this shorter version. Legal/Admin: If you feel that you may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, please contact me privately to discuss your specific needs within the first three weeks of class. In addition, please contact Disability Resources Services at 100 Ritter Annex to obtain official accommodation information. In this class, your work may be submitted to an anti-plagiarism database service such as By enrolling in this class, you indicate your understanding that your work may be submitted to such a service, which may retain a copy of submitted documents in their database. Once submitted, the copy will be subject to the services’ policies and procedures. You retain the copyright to your work, and the service will not have access to your grades.
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Page 2 of 10 N ATURE AND O BJECTIVES OF THE C OURSE The course is designed to introduce you to the fundamental concepts of marketing (content), and to improve your skills in analytical thinking and effective communication (process). The content is an introduction to key concepts in marketing, managerial decision making, and strategy that are relevant not only to marketers but to all managers. The process portion of the course is designed to help you in any business setting in which you may find yourself. Effective management results not from simply memorizing facts and vocabulary, but from systematic critical thinking, reasoned application of underlying principles, and strong analyses. The course is designed to encourage all of these skills. Therefore, a summary of course goals is: 1. Introduce marketing management and the quantitative and qualitative methods that support it (customer,
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Study Guides - Dr. Eric M. Eisenstein 527 Alter Hall...

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