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MIS Final Exam Questions Jessup Chapter 8 Question: Which information system allows for easy integration and central data storage? A. Enterprise B. Legacy C. Software D. Hardware Question: What enterprise system can be used to streamline the flow of information from one company to another? A. Inter-Organizational System B. Transportation System C. Information Flow System D. Data Sharing System What is one main objective of CRM? A. Keep track of credit reports B. Store customers’ private information C. Send out presents on customers’ birthdays D. Create customer loyalty The strength of an ERP is: a) Reducing unemployment b) Increasing employee satisfaction c) Allowing information to be shared across an organization d) Expanding the market of a business What is the Vanilla Version of a software? a) A new version of software b) A customized version of software c) A version of the software with minor changes d) The version of the software that comes right out of the box What are some good examples of core activities within a business? a. inbound logistics, outbound logistics, making coffee b. going to lunch, operations and manufacturing, inbound logistics c. outbound logistics, marketing and sales, customer service d. human resource, infrastructure, marketing and sales, administrative
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a. additional software and actual changes to the vanilla app. b. graphics on the package and color of background c. changes to the chocolate app. and removal of unneeded functions d. additional disks and changes to strawberry app. An SCM system to can add which of the following to a business? A. Statistical data on supply chain B. Increased response to market conditions C. Eliminate the need for freight D. high inventory levels Which of the following is not a benefit of Enterprise Systems? a) more accurate information b) information is hard to find c) information is stored in a centralized area d) it is easier for authorized users to access the information Proctor and Gamble is an example of a complex: A. Supply Chain B. Trading Exchange C. ERP D. EIS Which of the following is NOT a component of Customer Relationship Management system? a.Managerial CRM b.Analytical CRM c.Operational CRM d.Collaborative CRM Which of the following is NOT a recommendation for successfully implementing an enterprise system successfully? a.Executive level support b.Seeking help from outside experts c.Thoroughly training system users d.None of the above What industry does not benefit from the 3-D printing technology? A. Automobile B. Newspaper C. Medical D. Manufacturing Which component includes corporate governance? a. Human Resource Management
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MIS_Final_Exam_Questions[1][1] - MIS Final Exam Questions...

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