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MIS 2901 Syllabus – Honors Information Systems in Organizations Fall 2010 Instructor Information Mart Doyle [email protected] Office Information 209H Speakman Hall (215) 204-4684 Office Hours Monday 9:00-10:30, Tuesday 9:30-11:00 CRN 071139 Section 1 Location Alter Hall A603 Time TR 11:00-12:20 Prerequisite Basic Computer Literacy (see www.fox.temple.edu/foxclt). Course Objectives The primary objectives are: Explain the role of technology as a business enabler Identify and explain applications in a business setting Evaluate the organizational fit and suitability of business applications Interpret the interaction between technology, customers, processes, data, infrastructure, participants, and environment an organization. The secondary objectives are: Discriminate and synthesize between different sources of information as part of application acquisition or development List ethical and intellectual property challenges that arise from the use of technology Explain the evolving role of MIS in the organization, the MIS professional, and careers in MIS Textbooks Required Leonard Jessup, and Joseph Valacich. Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2008. ISBN: 0132335069 Note that while the full edition of the Jessup/Valacich book can be used, it is fairly expensive. The MIS department has worked with the publisher to create a special edition of this book which contains only the sections we use in this course. This special edition is available at the Temple Bookstore at a greatly reduced price. The title on the cover of this special edition is “Pearson Custom Business Resources, Temple University, MIS2101” and has an ISBN: 0-558-14165-X Ellen Monk and Bret Wagner. Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning. Second Edition. ISBN: 0-619-21663-8, 2006. Or Ellen Monk and Bret Wagner. Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning. Third Edition. ISBN: 1-423-90179-7, 2009 For those of you who are either MIS majors or MIS minors, MIS3596 – Business Process Analysis is the course which follows MIS2101 in the MIS curriculum. This course is required by all MIS majors and is very popular with MIS minors. This textbook, Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning by Monk and Wagner may be used in some sections of MIS3596. At the end of the semester many students sell textbooks which they do not believe they will need in the future. If you may be taking MIS3596, you may want to consider holding on to this book just in case it is a required text for MIS3596. Page 1 of 9
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MIS 2101 - Principles of Information Systems - Syllabus Spring 2010 Grading Item Percent of Total Points Midterm Exam 25% Final Exam 25% Blogging 25% Peer Teaching 25% Total 100% Peer Teaching During the first week of class we will form teams of two. These teams of two are known as “prep partners”. You will work with your prep partner throughout the entire semester. If you know someone else in class and would like to work with them, just let me know and we will make the
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MIS2901-Syllabus1 - MIS 2901 Syllabus Honors Information...

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