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Temple University IH –Mosaic Humanities Seminar I, 0951/0851 Spring, 2010 — Dr. Chang-Shin [Luke] Jih Academic Essay I -- Due on March 5, 2010 1. This paper should be no less than THREE-pages in length, double-spaced and typed. 2. Your paper must be in essay form, including the sections of introduction, main body and the conclusion. All of the rules governing proper citations, grammar, spelling, punctuation, work-cited page, are applied here 3. Rubric of Assessment: a) Sufficient Textual Evidences; b) Deep Analysis; c) Logical Organization; d) Persuasive Arguments; e) Critical Reflections Topic: Under the theme of “Journey,” you have studied two literatures: the Epic of Gilgamesh and The Journey to the West
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Unformatted text preview: (Monkey). The major characters of these two texts, Gilgamesh and Sun, Wu-Kong , shared many parallels in many aspects of their lives. In this assignment, you need to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between these characters according to the following sub-themes recommended in the below (you are required to choose two or three of them to construct your essay and develop your thesis). A) The origin and personality of Gilgamesh and Sun, Wu-Kong B) Their life adventure and friendship C) Their relationship with gods/celestial beings D) Their methods of pursuing personal glory and immortality E) Others (creative perspectives to compare them which are not listed)...
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