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Forum#1-PEX - Forum#1 PEX Mosaic 952-009 Spring 2011 Dr Rebekah Zhuraw Folio 1 This assignment involves reading one"text" a visit to the

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Unformatted text preview: Forum #1: PEX Mosaic 952-009 Spring 2011 Dr. Rebekah Zhuraw Folio 1 This assignment involves reading one "text"-- a visit to the Wagner Free Institute of Science right round the corner at 1700 West Montgomery Ave. through the lens of another: Paul Berger's Ways of Seeing (PDF). However, this is not a straightforward task, as Berger's text is not about science museums. It's about oil paintings. You should read the excerpts of Paul Berger's Ways of Seeing posted in this folder before going to the Wagner, and you should probably scan the Wagner's website before going there, as well: When you go, bring something with which to take notes. Observe the museum as a whole--it's location, it's structure, it's staff and clientele. Now look at the items on display and how they are displayed. What is the individual effect, per specimen? The cumulative or quantum effect? Find at least 3 specific details to discuss in your Thread. Describe them intricately. You will probably want to thumb through Ways of Seeing again when you get home. What connections can you now make to Ways of Seeing to frame your experience of the Wagner? Finally, how can this whole business be used to reflect back upon our conversation about science and the texts of Unit 5? The purpose of this assignment is to recognize the many way stations of perspective that connect the scientist to the object of his study and to the larger community/us, our own levels of scientific and visual literacy, and the role of cultural institutions as purveyors of information in the community. Your final Response should be 1-3 pages long and should be posted to the "Reflection #1" Discussion Board Forum. (One page = approximately 250 words.) The aim is quality, not quantity. ...
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