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Forum #1: The Boundaries of the Text Mosaic 952-009 Spring 2011 Dr. Rebekah Zhuraw Folio 2 Due date: Sa March 26 th , noon. There is a short story by Vietnam Vet Tim O’Brian called “How to Tell a True War Story”. It is from these words, loosely reformed into the following equation: How? + Tell + War = True/Story, that this Forum assignment is drawn. Such a difficult, contradictory, even potentially incendiary combination of words…& as such, so fitting for the theme of Unit 6: Power. In the face of the struggle inherent in issues of power, how, how to tell truth? What truth?—in war? In story? (Or poem. Or vignette. Or essay.) In monologue/dialogue? What war in telling? In words themselves? What internal/external boundaries to be crossed by the marching feet of text?. ..texts that beget images in our minds. That seek to infiltrate and conquer us. As these words seek to push your mind and your mind seeks to push back. How? Both of our Unit texts,
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