Group Report-Vaccination Against Smallpox Assignment

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Unformatted text preview: Group Report/Vaccination Against Smallpox Mosaic 952-009 Spring 2011 Dr. Rebekah Zhuraw Due: R Jan 27 (presentation) Sa Jan 29 (supporting materials) For this assignment the class will be divided into 4 groups. Each group will research one area related to Vaccination Against Smallpox: 1) Edward Jenner and science in his day, 1749-1823; 2) the larger historic era of Jenner's lifespan, 1749-1823--key figures and issues of the era; 3) the history of variolation & vaccination, vaccine research, and issues regarding vaccines, 4) smallpox--its history, it's symptoms, where it is today--and other plagues/illnesses of epidemic proportions. The purpose of this assignment is to contextualize our text, Vaccination Against Smallpox. Your group should investigate both popular and scholarly source domains on your topic area. Your goal is not to end up with an exhaustive collection of questionable information. Your job is to evaluate the available source materials (Is this a reputable source? What kind of source is it? What is the source of authority? Remember that google yields perspectives, not facts, but that, too, can be valuable information; it's just different information. Your job is to parse what information you come by and determine its motherlode.), choose the best articles or other references, and give us some real information. As a group, you will need to decide how you will break up the research and evaluation, who will do what, and what exactly you will be looking for. Perhaps you will each look for 5 sources, out of which you will choose 2 good sources. You will then need to do your individual work and report back to your group with your findings--a collection of references/articles/summaries/notes--which you will need to cull and refine for a final presentation to the class. (More below.) You will no doubt begin your search by using search engines. You might wish to consult with a librarian for assistance with this. To do your research, you will need to develop and refine keyword searches. As you do so, consider the following: 1) Keywords: write down the main words that describe your subject and what you want to know about it. 2) Synonyms: what other words can you sue to mean the same thing as your keywords? 3) Narrowing Terms: what are some specific things you want to know about your keywords or synonyms? 4) Broader Terms: what larger subjects or concepts include your keywords or synonyms? As you do your research, keep a research log or "tree" in which you note the starting point(s) of your investigation and subsequent twists and turns of the inquiry. This should include the trail of your research through search engines, keywords, and web pages. (Cut and paste the URLS as you go or take screen shots so you don't lose this info. All references must be cited! See "MLA Documentation" in the assignment folder.) In class on R Jan 27, the groups will each make a brief summary report (5-10 min.) to the class, noting highlights of their research, i.e. the most relevant or interesting information--and indicating what other information can be found in the materials which they will be submitting to me via e-mail by midnight Sa Jan 29th. I will post these for the class in the Course Documents folder. ...
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