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Unformatted text preview: Group Tracking Report/The Iliad Mosaic 952-009 Spring 2011 Dr. Rebekah Zhuraw For this assignment the class will be divided into 5 groups. Each group will be responsible for tracking one subject area within The Iliad throughout the text: 1) Gods in the world: how do they appear and to whom, how do they intervene; 2) character studies: Achilles, Agamemnon & Odysseus, Nestor & Priam, Hector & Paris; 3) the women; 4) armor & body parts; 5) trickery and ransom. The purpose of this assignment is to engage you in a deep reading of the text by directing your focus to specific subject areas, which we can then fit together to effectively map key ideas in the text. Everyone in the group will be reading the entire text. So there is no research that needs to be broken up (except perhaps for group 2). However, you will need to confer regularly with your group to discuss the development of your subject area(s) and what points should be made to the class. Do not just list findings. Analyze your findings. What do they suggest or reveal both within and beyond the text and how does this give contour and meaning to the text? At each class your group will be asked to give the class an update on your findings. In this way, you will lead the class discussion of this text. I will meanwhile guide an ongoing examination of the larger structure and symmetries of the text. ...
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