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Study Guide Syllabus - Course Syllabus 1 Observing the Sky...

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Course Syllabus 1. Observing the Sky: The Birth of Astronomy 1.1. The Sky Above 1.2. 3. Measurement of the Earth by Eratosthenes 1.4. 2. The Heliocentric Model 2. Orbits and Gravity 2.1. The Laws of Planetary Motion 2.2. Newton’s Great Synthesis 2.3. Universal Gravity 3. Earth, Moon, and Sky 3.1. Earth and Sky 3.2. The Seasons 3.2.1. The Seasons and Sunshine 3.3. Keeping Time 3.3.1. The Length of the Day 4. Radiation and Spectra 4.1. The Nature of Light 4.2. The Electromagnetic Spectrum 6. Other Worlds: An Introduction of the Solar System 6.1. Overview of Our Planetary System 6.2. Composition and Structure of Planets 6.3. Dating Planetary Surfaces 7. Earth as a Planet 7.1. The Global Perspective 7.2. The Crust of the Earth 7.3. The Earth’s Atmosphere 7.4. 3. The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming 8. Cratered Worlds: The Moon and Mercury 8.1. 2. Composition and Structure of the Moon 8.2. The Lunar Surface 8.3. Impact Craters 8.4. The Origin of the Moon 8.5. Mercury 9. Earth-Like Planets: Venus and Mars 9.1. The Nearest Planets: An Overview 9.2. The Geology of Venus 1
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Study Guide Syllabus - Course Syllabus 1 Observing the Sky...

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