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Honors Managerial Accounting EXAM 1GUIDE Spring 2011 Chapters 1-3, 5, 6 The best strategy for studying is to focus on the topics we have covered in class; I do not test on things we have not covered. Focusing on the exercises and homeworks will be useful. I will post the solutions to some extra problems on Blackboard tomorrow that you can use to assess your studying. Topics Chapters 1 and 2 Differences between managerial and financial accounting Why managerial accounting is important. Product versus period costs
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Unformatted text preview: Variable versus fixed costs Sunk, differential, opportunity costs Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured and Sold Chapter 3 Job order costing: journal entries Applying Manufacturing Overhead Over and under-applied overhead, what it means and journal entries Chapter 5 High- Low Method Regression: what it is, interpreting results, why it is the preferred method Contribution margin income statement Chapter 6 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis in units and dollars Margin of Safety Operating Leverage...
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