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syllabus (1) - Accounting 2902 Honors Managerial Accounting...

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Accounting 2902 Honors Managerial Accounting Principles Spring 2011 Instructor: Mary Anne Gaffney, Ph.D. Office: 457 Alter Hall Telephone: 204-8129 E-Mail: Office Hours: Tuesday/ Thursday: 9-11, or anytime my office door is open, and by appointment. You are also free to e-mail me anytime with questions. During the week I will get back to you within 24 hours. I will try to check my e-mail on Sunday afternoons, but no guarantees LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1) To understand how managers use quantitative information in making decisions. 2) To understand the role of budgets in managerial planning and control. 3) To understand how manufacturing costs are measured and flow through the accounting system. 4) To understand the measurement and use of variable and fixed costs in decisions where volume is a consideration. 5) To understand the use of standard costing in cost assignment and control. 6) To understand how managerial accounting is changing as global competition is increasing. 7) To understand the behavioral effects of using accounting information for control purposes. 8) To understand the ethical pressures inherent in the use of accounting information and methods for dealing with these pressures. TEXT: Managerial Accounting , 13 th edition, by Garrison, Noreen, Brewer GRADING: 2 Tests (100 points each) 200 points Final Exam 100 points Class Preparation (exercises) 24 points Homework 100 points Group Assignments 50 points Class Participation 50 points CVP Project
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syllabus (1) - Accounting 2902 Honors Managerial Accounting...

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