review - Difference between macro and micro economics...

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The willingness of and ability of sellers to provide goods and services to sell in the market is referred to as? what happens in the federal reserve slows that down the growth in the money supply Topics-Business ethics Who do businesses have responsibilities to? Different types of mergers/Knowing what a joint venture is? Federal agency called osha What is monetary policy? Different eras/ production, relationship and marketing era Difference between profit and non profit What does the small business administration do? Why does small business fail? Difference between near shoring, outsourcing and off shoring What is the private enterprise system?
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Unformatted text preview: Difference between macro and micro economics Principles in a franchising agreement What does it mean to have an absolute advantage and a comparative advantage Capitalism Consumer price index During an economic recovery consumer spending____ and unemployment_____ Different types of unemployment, frictional, seasonal Knowing why Delaware is favorable for doing business Differences in how we relate to management, strategic operational contingency and tactical. What is a pure monopoly and oligopoly? A mission statement Supply and demand curve The failure rates of businesses Wikis, pop ups, spam email and banner ads...
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review - Difference between macro and micro economics...

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