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THEATER APPRECIATION MONDAY and WEDNESDAY -- SCOTT HALL 123 Section ONE (5 th period) 2:50 pm – 4:10 pm Section THREE (6 th period) 4:30 pm – 5:50 pm YOU MUST ATTEND THE SECTION IN WHICH YOU ARE REGISTERED. COURSE CONTENT MAY VARY FROM SECTION TO SECTION. INSTRUCTOR: Joseph A. Mancuso E-mail: [email protected] Do not send ticket questions to this e-mail address. It is to be used only for questions relating to class content and/or your personal progress. Office Hours by Arrangement All ticket inquiries must be directed to Teaching Assistants before or after class. Extra time will be allotted during times of heavy ticket business. CLASS REQUIREMENTS : Attend ALL lecture/discussion classes in the section for which you are registered and ALL assigned theater productions. EXAM QUESTIONS FOR EACH SECTION WILL VARY. You are required to see all NINE productions listed on the RuTix website. You will use this site to make your reservations within the time frame listed. Once you have received the physical ticket for a particular play, RuTix is no longer your resource for information about that play. Instead, please see one of the Teaching Assistants in person before or after each class. “HOW DO I START ORDERING TICKETS?” First, create your personal RuTix Account. The video presentation seen during the first class that explains this procedure may also be found at entitled RuTix Video Tutorial . “WHAT’S NEXT?” Once you have created your on-line RuTix Account be sure to read the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page as this will better enable you to navigate the system and assure you have the best chance of receiving your preferred dates. It is essential that you order your tickets before the closing date listed.
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Under each play title you will see the window of opportunity for ordering your ticket(s) for each play. . EXAMPLE: MARAT SADE On-line ordering begins: January 18 On-line ordering ends: January 26 at 8:00 pm This means you have until Jan. 26th at 8:00 pm to select from the dates listed. You also have the option of combining your order with the other section of THEATER APPRECIATION that takes place in Scott Hall on College Avenue Campus but NOT the section that meets on Douglass. The earlier you submit your order the more likely you will get one of your choices. What if I miss an on-line order deadline? 1) You will not be able to order additional guest tickets for that play. 2) If requested by you in class and if available, you will receive a ticket from the remainder pile. Not only is date selection from that pile limited, in some instances it is possible that the ticket has indeed expired. In fact, at some point the remainder pile runs out and there is no ticket available. In other words, missing an order deadline means that there may be an instance where you do not
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thearterappreciation - THEATER APPRECIATION MONDAY and...

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