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rought draft 4 - A. Patel 1 Akshay Patel Expository Writing...

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A. Patel 1 Akshay Patel Expository Writing 1 Jason Gulya March 24, 2011 Rough Draft 4 Reliving the Past Did you ever have the feeling that you were detached from yourself? If you did, it is likely that you are dissociating. Dissociation is defined to be the feeling of disconnection from yourself as if you are not a part of your current immediate environment. In the essay “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It was Friday” Martha Stout explains how dissociation can come from different causes and be found in different forms. The environmental cues that trigger fugue states is described in Malcolm Gladwell’s essay, “The Power of Context”. A man named Bernie Goetz, finds these environmental cues to be very violent. Gladwell claims that Goetz shooting of the four young black men was a result of environmental cues, known as the Broken Windows theory. There are some ways Gladwell’s overall argument of the Power of Context challenges some of the arguments of Stout. Stout describes dissociation in ways that can help explain the actions of Bernie Goetz. Gladwell’s argument clashes with Stout’s theory of dissociation. Stout states the pain of emotions is not all physical. You don’t feel pain until you see you are actually hurt. “The direct experience of physical pain can be split off in cases of my more serious injury as well. Most of us have heard stories along the lines of a parent who, with a broken leg, goes back to the scene of an accident and wrenches open a mangled car door with her
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rought draft 4 - A. Patel 1 Akshay Patel Expository Writing...

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