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A. Patel 1 Akshay Patel Expository Writing 1 Jason Gulya March 3, 2011 Paper #3 Identity Crisis Society contains many individuals who feel the lack of a true identity. One may go to very great extremes to find out what really defines himself. An example of this type of behavior is found in Krakauer’s “Into the wild.” A man named Chris McCandless goes on an adventure to the Alaskan Wilderness in pursuit of satisfaction. The reason he went had nothing to do with anyone else. Every action McCandless committed was only for self-satisfaction. One can read the essay of Leila Ahmed “ On becoming an Arab” and make the generalization that both Ahmed and McCandless question who they truly believe they are. Ahmed goes through her entire essay explaining the different views and questions whether she is considered an Arab or an Egyptian. In Malcolm Gladwell’s essay “The Power of Context”, he shows how the environment relates to the actions of an individual. Although much of his argument is self-refuted, there are certain connections that relate how Bernie Goetz’s actions are complicated by his surroundings and past experiences. An individual’s surroundings can give one a feeling of disorientation. Not everyone is satisfied or happy with the life they’re living. When society contains an individual who questions his true identity, one might reach out to his surroundings to find his answer to who this person truly is. Ahmed and McCandless are in two completely different settings. So reaching out to the outside world would be completely different experiences for each person. “The year was 1952, the year of the revolution. What Miss Nabih was doing to me in class the government was doing to us through the media” (Ahmed 26). Ahmed was being called an Arab when she had no doubt in her mid she was Egyptian. After being struck by the teacher, Ahmed decided to research and
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A. Patel 2 find the history of her ethnicity. What Egyptians believed was completely opposite from what the Arabs believed. Ahmed went on a journey through her research and came in conflict with her own beliefs numerous times. The reason Ahmed believed she was an Arab at the end was the experiences she underwent including the situation occurring in the outside world. Her experiences forced her to certain actions. The result of Ahmed’s adventure was the satisfaction of a true identity. The same satisfaction McCandless was pursuing which eventually lead to his death. Malcolm Gladwell would’ve compared this situation to the one of Bernie Goetz’s. Goetz and Ahmed both suffered because of their surroundings. Ms. Nabih struck Ahmed after she gave
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paper 3 - A Patel 1 Akshay Patel Expository Writing 1 Jason...

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