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split infinitive presentation

split infinitive presentation - o to want always o to excel...

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Akshay Patel Grammar Presentation A split infinitive is an English-language grammatical construction in which a word or phrase, usually an adverb or adverbial phrase, comes between the marker to and the bare infinitive (uninflected) form of a verb. Infinitives should never be separated--the two parts of an infinitive should always be kept together. These are split infinitives: o to quickly leave o to always want o to easily excel o to not fail a class Notice how the to part of the infinitive is separated from the base form of the verb by another word. In other words, a word or phrase comes between the to and the base form. These aren’t split infinitives.
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Unformatted text preview: o to want always o to excel easily o not to fail a class Steve decided to quickly remove Amy's cats. The split infinitive is “to quickly remove,” but if you move the adverb “quickly” before the infinitive, you could imply that Steve made the decision quickly. Steve decided quickly to remove Amy's cats. You could put the adverb at the end—Steve decided to remove Amy's cats quickly—but that seems potentially ambiguous. You may want to rewrite the sentence without the split infinitive to make the same point: Steve decided to grab Amy's cats and set them free before she got back from the corner market....
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