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paper #2 final draft

paper #2 final draft - A Patel 1 Akshay Patel Expository...

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A. Patel 1 Akshay Patel Expository Writing 1 Jason Gulya February 10, 2011 Paper #2 Powerful Mind: Pursuit of Happiness There will be instances in life where an individual must leave their surroundings to find their true identity. Chris McCandless a man who has just graduated from the University of Georgia is preparing for a journey to Alaska in the story “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer. Events occurring in this story show how the environment affects the mood of individuals similarly in the essay “The Power of Context” by Malcolm Gladwell. Both writers show various examples of how powerful the inner state can be in shaping how an individual feels. Gladwell speaks of the experiences that Bernie Goetz lives through before he is labeled as the subway vigilante. Goetz past experiences such as being mugged by three men on Canal Street and harsh relationships with his father explain the actions taken on the four young black men he encounters. McCandless believed going to Alaska would lead him to be happy. His happiness was short-lived because of his death. But, the feeling of happiness and true life was what he was seeking. Back home, McCandless was unsatisfied. He wanted to find his true identity, a new feeling about life. He even changed his name to Alex Supertramp when he was on his adventure. His primary goal was to find himself and he found exactly what he was looking for, a true identity. He put his limits to the test and unfortunately found what they were. An individual’s state of mind along with their mood is the primary component of an individual’s actions and behaviors towards the rest of the world. The date was April 15 th 1992 when McCandless left his home in South Dakota to head to Alaska. His claim for the reason behind this expedition was to search for happiness in himself. Chris was also known as Alex Supertramp on his expedition so he can be free without worrying
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A. Patel 2 about anybody knowing him. Chris had very little equipment and no map: he was seeking an actual adventure. Ninety days later a team of men found him, alone and dead in a bus dead. Extreme sufferings, such as the kind that Chris McCandless experienced throughout his time in the Alaskan wild, directly triggers a response from the inner state of McCandless which, in turn, triggers satisfaction and contentment with one’s own self-being. He seemed to have moved beyond his need to assert so adamantly his autonomy, his need to separate himself from his parents. Maybe he was prepared to forgive their imperfections; maybe he was even prepared to forgive some of his own. McCandless seems ready, perhaps, to go home. (Krakauer 353) Chris McCandless, after extreme isolation from society and stranded in the Alaskan taiga,
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paper #2 final draft - A Patel 1 Akshay Patel Expository...

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