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14:440:127 Introduction to Computers for Engineers Recitation01 Problems Solutions 1. Use Matlab to find the sum of 5, 2 squared, and 4. 5+2^2+4 2. Set the variable matlabvariable to equal the difference of 453 and (4 to the third power). Then, on the next line, increase matlabvariable by 15. matlabvariable = 453 - 4^3; matlabvariable = matlabvariable + 15; 3. In your notes, briefly take note of what the following commands do isvariable, iskeyword, which. Type in help commandname to read about the commands listed 4. Using the above commands determine which of the following variable names are permitted? Understand what the errors are, if any. 7up School-of-Engineering Rutgers! for Rutgers_University sin i_love_matlab Rutgers_University sin is also a legal variable name, but it's a bad idea to use it (since it temporarily overwrites the sin function) i_love_matlab 5. Look up in your book or use the internet to determine what a character array is and write a couple of MatLab examples to help you understand what they are. A character array will basically contain a string and here are a couple examples:
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14-440-127-Fall2010+REC01+Solutions - 14:440:127...

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