zarathushtra - Zoroastrianism Zarathushtra Spitame (660-583...

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Zoroastrianism Zarathushtra Spitame (660-583 BCE) He was born to a family of Magavans (Magi of the Greeks) and raissed in the occult mystery of Mazdayasni religion. As he mastured he grew dissatisfied with the occult ritualistic ways of that religion. At 25 he left the community and went into a contemplative life of mediation in a cave in order to attain clear vision of God. Throughout his isolated life it is said that the local shephers helped him. Mazda- the god of good, light, truth everything positive He recollects afterward that spiritually he was aided by Sraosha, a graudian angel King Gushtasp Partly Zoroaster owes his success of getting his religion started to the kin who bacame his sponsor Though he set a clear beginning of his religion, he retained important elements from the religious tradition from which he came, namely Mazdayasni (basically monotheistic) as opposed to the prevailing religion of the time Devayasni (clearly polytheistic) Zorastrianism The religion of “Revelation”
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zarathushtra - Zoroastrianism Zarathushtra Spitame (660-583...

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