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Death and after life gilgamesh

Death and after life gilgamesh - Gilgamesh the young king...

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Gilgamesh- the young king of Uruk, major character in a epic story, he worked the population to almost exhustion in even though it was good for the population. The population went to the gods and the god diverted his attention by making the phantom brother, Enkidu.Together they went out to the work and oppupied themselves by challenging monsters and animals. They believe that there is nothing they can't do, over confidence (hybris). They were so over confidnent that they were destructive and destroying the balance of life and killing the bull of life. The gods regreted it and kills Enkidu. Enkidu dies the normal way by turning dies and Gilgamesh mourns. Gilgamesh starts questioning death and afterlife. He goes on a quest on his own going through a long journey by going through a dark forest. He receash the sea of death. He tries to find a way to cross the sea by a guy on a boat. Utnapishtim is an immortal person and in conversation Gilgamesh discovers that Gilgamesh asks Utnapishtim for the secret. Utnapishtim starts telling a story. Utnapishtim got a power that is once in a lifetime. Utnapishtim was a young man and the gods decided to wipe out all the living things. The council of gods wanted to do it over. Somehow Utnapishtim was in gods favor. He had to make a ark from gods
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