Amer Pres Midterm - On: February 16, 2011 Midterm Questions...

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On: February 16, 2011 Midterm Questions 1) Identify the four disputed issues (covered in class) affecting the presidency that members of the constitutional convention confronted. Choose two of these issues and discuss the grounds upon which members of the convention disagreed. Four issues: (1) Determining the number of executives (2) Determining/limiting the power of the executive(s) (3) Determining the selection process for the executive(s) (4) Determining tenure of the executive(s) Powers of the executive Veto Power o Wilson and Hamilton (strong presidential supporters) said that the president should have absolute veto power o George Mason wanted the president to have only a postponing power The president will ask the legislature to slow down and rethink what it has done o Eventually it was decided that the president will have absolute veto power, but Congress can override his veto with a 2/3 vote. Administrative power o There was less contention about this because it was widely accepted that all presidents must somehow administrate the laws (because it’s their job!) o This is when they finally decided on the name “the president” Commander in Chief o The convention had already given Congress its powers which included the power to “make war”. But then they changed this to the “power to declare war” Thus it was understood that the president would make the war but he would have to get permission from Congress to actually declare war There has been >200 occasions when the president put troops somewhere and only 5 times when the president actually went to Congress to ask to declare Pardoning power o Hamilton wanted the power to pardon absolutely; others disagreed o Finally referred to Committee of Detail (led by Wilson, who was in favor of a strong presidency) and they agreed on total pardon The one exception: if a president is impeached, he cannot be pardoned! Example: Nixon resigned instead of wait to get impeached so that he could be pardoned by Ford o Most of the people that get pardons are people you’ve never heard of Treaty Making Power
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o Hamilton wanted the president to be able to make treaties unencumbered by other agencies and whatever agreements he entered into should be the law of the land. Others argued that that’s too much power for one person. o Finally agreed that the president can engage in treaties but it’ll take 2/3 of the Appointment Power o The big issue was: who will appoint the Treasurer of the US? Wilson & his committee eventually won and decided that the President will appoint the Treasurer How to select the president and for how long will the person serve? Those who supported a weak president argued that Congress should select him.
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Amer Pres Midterm - On: February 16, 2011 Midterm Questions...

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