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Nakul Shah Poverty in the US 10/3/10 Policy-makers struggle with the seemingly impossible task of eliminating poverty. In order to effectively minimize the number of poverty stricken individuals and families, we must understand who is poor. An interesting faction of the poor population is the group categorized as the “working poor.” Unlike other families living in poverty, the heads of working poor households work either part time, or in many cases full time jobs. Many theorize that those living in poverty are simply paying for their own mistakes and lack of work ethic. If the theory of flawed character holds true, why is 48% of the poor population made up of working families? According to basic capitalist ideology, the key to success and rising out of poverty is to work hard. This does not hold true for too many Americans, making the job of policy- makers more difficult. Whether it is by choice or by lack of opportunity, it can be easily understood why families with no income and relying on government assistance are living under the poverty line. What astounds me is
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