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Unformatted text preview: Nakul Shah Poverty in the US October 14, 2010 Unemployment rates in the United States are seeing little change in recent months, and this is furthering the endemic poverty present in our nation. Unemployment due to lack of skills or lack of opportunity are major factors involved in either staying I poverty or transitioning into it, and must be addressed by our government In coordination with local businesses. The source of the problem of a concentration of individuals lacking skills is debatable, and can be due to many varying factors. For example, it can be a personal choice to stop an investment of your human capital by dropping out of school. What leads to this may be out of your control, such as a teenager becoming pregnant or being plagued by poverty and forced to find whatever work is available to survive. Regardless of the source of the problem, the presence of a large portion of the population lacking skills must be addressed, one method being programs which target this particular group and teach them the skills needed to excel in the...
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