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Nakul Shah Poverty in the US November 28, 2010 Upon reading Professor Anglin’s piece on community economic development, the anti-poverty initiative of building a workforce within the community took precedence over programs which offer aid with no long term solution. In our past on readings on the working poor we discovered that the main cause of poverty is unemployment. Whether this is structural, cyclical or due to mere laziness, families in America are poor because they are out of work. Those that are working full and part-time jobs and are still trapped in the grip of poverty are working at jobs which do not provide enough income to support the entire family or simply will not offer enough hours throughout the year. Community development programs which build a workforce out of underprivileged inner-city youth and works with the local business owners can have a substantial impact on turning the course of poverty in our nation. The benefits of community-based anti-poverty initiatives extend far beyond the initial impact of
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