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poverty paper 6 - Nakul Shah Poverty in the US Racism&...

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Unformatted text preview: Nakul Shah Poverty in the US November 30, 2010- Racism & Poverty Recent class discussions have focused on how to eliminate poverty through a grassroots approach. Communities are being rejuvenated from the ground up with the use its own youth labor force. It is difficult to delve into community development programs without realizing the overwhelmingly large emphasis on African American communities. Unequal opportunities for African Americans began when the United States was still developing into a manufacturing nation and relied on the slave labor. Mistreatment of African Americans has resonance to this day; with many of the poor communities we discuss being predominantly African American. The social norm of racism toward African Americans has lived in the United States for the majority of the nation’s history, and is the cause of the high numbers of poor African Americans in all corners of the country. The importance racism has had on the course of events leading to the heightened numbers of poor African Americans must be understood before anti-...
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