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Unformatted text preview: Nakul Shah Poverty in the US December 3, 2010 As I sat in Livingston Hall, listening to Princeton Professor Peter Singer speak on global poverty, it provoked my thoughts on what all of our obligations are on eradicating poverty both at home and abroad. Although we look at national poverty from a policy-maker’s standpoint in class, Peter Singer offered a compelling argument which should be addressed. Rather than merely looking at the eradication of poverty through the eyes of a policy-maker detached from the problem, what are our moral obligations as citizens to helping fight poverty? Do we have a duty to help our fellow man who may be less fortunate, by sacrificing some of what we have for the sake of another? Peter Singer began his lecture with a parable. You are walking in a park, or on campus in this case, on a cold day. You pass a shallow pond which people swim in on warm days to beat the heat. You see a small child splashing in the pond, which is strange because it is a cold day, and because there are no...
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