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poverty paper 8 - Nakul Shah Poverty in the US December 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Nakul Shah Poverty in the US December 4, 2010 Solving Current CDC Problems According to Randy Stocker’s piece, Empowering Redevelopment: Toward a Different CDC , major problems in the current CDC model prevent effective change in neighborhoods. CDC’s are placed in a difficult position, caught in the middle between capitalist profit-driven motives and community goals. The major problems that arise in this tug-of-war are, as stated in the article, the myth of community control, limits to comprehensiveness and the development of disorganization. CDCs attempt to rejuvenate neighborhoods while still abiding by free market tactics and capitalist strategy, but face constraints caused by market failures. These failures can only be cured by the sotic model of CDCs, which are not hindered by a lack of visible opportunity in poor neighborhoods, profit maximization motives that prevents socially conscious investing , and social or legal restrictions in the form of zoning laws, etc. By finding alternatives to the currents CDC model‘s constraints and eliminating these restrictions, the...
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