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poverty paper 9 - Nakul Shah Poverty in the US December 5...

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Nakul Shah Poverty in the US December 5, 2010 The New York City plan for eliminating poverty parallels our semester through its outline of poverty in a historical context, to who is effected by poverty, how poverty is measured, on to how it can be eliminated. Mayor Bloomberg’s plan for poverty eradication offers a real life example of how poverty can be tackled in an extremely diverse city with a large poor population. In the “target population” section of the plan, three major categories of people are targeted as most in need of help. Working poor adults, young adults, and young children are the three targets of the New York City plan, and if the three are focused on, the expectation of future poverty can be significantly lower. By targeting these three major groups, current poverty in working adults can be eliminated, as well as the next generation of disenfranchised youth in focusing on young adults, and children will escape the grip of poverty and potentially end the cycle. Together these three groups represent 700,000 New Yorkers living in poverty,
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