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Nakul Shah Poverty in the US December 5, 2010 Throughout this course we have delved into the problem of poverty in many corners of the United States. We have understood the causes of poverty from a historical context and looked at the effects of poverty policy throughout history. We have understood what it means to be “poor” and how we can measure such a relative term in the richest nation in the world. We have attempted to understand what poverty means in both the rural farms of the United States as well as urban neighborhoods. We now reach the end of the semester having looked at the grassroots approach to targeting poverty, and how we can organize communities to help themselves. The task now, is to know whether any of this will be put into practice in anti-poverty legislation. We now have to tools to understand poverty happening all around us, but will that compel us to get involved and to help? Having been born and raised in Jersey City I have seen two very different worlds collide before
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