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Globalization Outline - charitable events and fundraisers I...

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Nakul Shah Globalization & Social Movements October 21, 2010 My partner Mustafa and I have divided the paper evenly. I will be covering the aim of the Thaakat Foundation, as well as link the group to one of the assigned readings from this semester. Mustafa will introduce the specifics of Thaakat, the methods of interviewing, and what the two of us learned from conducting the interview. Using the Thaakat website I will cite the aims and goals of the organization, which is to provide non- political, non-religious, non-profit aid to the south Asian community in the United States and abroad. Thaakat aims to connect Rutgers students with their roots thousands of miles away through altruistic
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Unformatted text preview: charitable events and fundraisers. I will further delve into the nature of Thaakat by connecting it with readings from the class. Thaakat focuses on South Asia, which has been effected greatly by the “free market” and plague of poverty, related to the September 18 th readings. Other earlier readings on the methods of globalization nd how they affect poor countries can be elaborated on, and connected to the goal of Thaakat and the area the foundation focuses on. Many of the Thaakat leaders are Pakistani, so I can elaborate on terrorism and talibanisation, and how the two affect charitable organizations in tumultuous areas....
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