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Nakul Shah October 12, 2010 My paper will focus on the Thaakat Foundation, and how their actions here at Rutgers will impact the world. I will begin with an introduction of what Thaakat is all about, including the origins of their name, what they focus on, their goals, and a brief history of how the cause began. I will then utilize my interview by stating what the current chapter of Thaakat at Rutgers is doing to better our community and the world in large. Thaakat reaches far and wide to accomplish their goals, by coordinating fundraisers to
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Unformatted text preview: help people thousands of miles away in Southeast Asian countries. Thaakat is in many ways a transnational civil organization, which can be closely tied with many of the readings we have done in class. • Introduce Thaakat (history, origins, mission statement) • Narrow in on the Rutgers New Brunswick Chapter (accomplishments, make up of organization, goals, projects) • Relate Thaakat to a transnational movement...
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