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Globalization Reaction 7

Globalization Reaction 7 - Nakul Shah Honors Globalization...

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Nakul Shah Honors Globalization & Social Movements October 31, 2010 Peace movements have evolved substantially over time, accelerated by globalization and technological advancements. The Vietnam War saw major opposition within the United States, as people from all corners of the nation stood together against the conflict. The organization of these movements was collaboration with NGOs and scientists, and according to Baltiwala & Brow, “the NGOs set the tone, and the scientists reinforced the NGOs standpoint with scientific knowledge and expertise.” With the acceleration of globalization, peace movements such as this have moved onto the global scale, with strong numbers coming out to protest all over the world. However, no movement is successful without results. According to Baltiwala & Brown, “an unpopular war in Vietnam and the rise of social demonstration across the world facilitated the NP, and nudged the United
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