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Comparative Politics Midterm review unofficial

Comparative Politics Midterm review unofficial -...

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Comparative Politics Midterm Comparative Politics: Seeks to find the similarities in dissimilar governments and the differences in similar governments International Politics: Globalization: Democratization: Occurred in waves. First wave, then that of 1960’s over ruins of decolonization and post-World War II, then third wave in 1972 Portugal. After fall of Soviet Union in 1990’s democratization began again. NGO: Non-governmental organizations, component of civil society Politics Democracy: (Linz & Stepan): Competition, political participation, presence of civil and political liberties. Authoritarianism (dictatorship) Theocracy Mixed regimes Political economy Market economy Identity Political sociology Gini coefficient/index: Measurement of the gap between the rich and the poor Ethnicity Cross-cutting cleavages Polarizing cleavages Ideology Liberal democracy Social democracy Values
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Rational choice theory: Seeing everyone as rational decision-makers, becomes difficult in instances such as prisoner’s dilemma. Zero-sum game Value judgments: Vary among people based on standards and ideals, subjective, not just facts like an objective statement. “Ought” questions Empirical analysis: Discover, describe, and explain factual relationships. Variable: Nominal (related to number, how many democrats or republicans), ordinal (related to order, rating something as good or bad on a 1-5 scale), or interval (range of numbers to place you into a category). A changeable characteristic, can vary.
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